Customizing BuddyPress Activity Stream

Customizing BuddyPress Activity Stream Adds images to BuddyPress Activity Stream using Shortcuts Share Objective: Develop an add-on for BuddyPress, enabling users to paste images directly into Activity Stream posts. Key Features: Works seamlessly with BuddyPress Allows image pasting via Ctrl + V shortcut Supports image posting through links, auto-pulling images from URLs Attaches images as […]

PlayEasy Events to WordPress

PlayEasy Events to WordPress Importing PlayEasy Private Channel Events to WordPress Share Objective: Develop a WordPress plugin to integrate the PlayEasy Private Events Channel by auto-importing events from an RSS feed. Key Features: Admin-defined RSS URL for the PlayEasy Private Events Channel Auto-import events from RSS feed to WordPress Set specific intervals for auto-pulling data […]

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

Product Bundles WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin Share Objective: Develop a feature-rich product bundle plugin for WooCommerce, allowing store owners to create and customize visually appealing product bundles. Key Features: Built on top of WooCommerce Customizable product bundles for enhanced visual appeal on the front-end Detailed tracking and management of bundle orders Enhanced customer experience with […]

Calendar Diary WordPress Plugin

Calendar Diary WordPress Plugin A calendar view plugin that let’s user save answers on daily basis like a diary. Share Objective: Develop a smart calendar diary plugin for a website, allowing users to add personal memos or diary notes with customizable questions defined by the admin. Key Features: Users can add diary notes and personal […]

Perform Random Draw Plugin

Perform Draw Random Number Generator Plugin for WordPress Share Objective: Develop a WordPress plugin to generate a random winner or number from a list of entries for competitions. Key Features: Manual entry of competition entries Generate winners from number ranges Import entries using Excel or CSV files Multi-step process for entering competition or draw details […]

Video Lab Product Builder Plugin

Video Lab Product Builder Plugin Share Objective: Develop a WordPress plugin for a video editing services website, allowing customers to choose their own preferences for video edit orders. Key Features: Customization options for customers to specify their video editing preferences Dynamic Lottie animations that change based on customer inputs Integration with WooCommerce to create orders […]

Profile & Expense Sheet Builder Plugin

Profile & Expense Sheet Profile & Expense Sheet Builder WordPress Plugin Share Objective: Develop a WordPress plugin for a Hotel and Employees Management System, allowing employees to generate detailed profiles and manage expenses. Key Features: Profile generation based on specific segments of information provided by employees Multi-step process for entering detailed profile information Expense report […]

WooCommerce Orders Export to SF Express Plugin

Woocommerce to SF Express A Plugin to Export Woocommerce Orders to SF Express using a dedicated Excel Format File Share Objective: Develop a WooCommerce plugin to export orders into an SF Express formatted Excel file, supporting Chinese language and specific format requirements. Key Features: Export orders with payment method details Include original city for product […]

Bandcamp Album Code Generator Plugin

Bandcamp Album Code Generator Giveaway BandCamp Album Codes through the artists website using this WordPress Plugin Share Objective: Develop a WordPress plugin for generating album codes for specific albums on the client’s Bandcamp store. Key Features: User selection of specific albums for code generation Backend functionality for bulk adding new album codes Seamless integration with […]