Hotel & Room Booking Website

A full-fledge WordPress website including Hotel Booking system built on WordPress.


Objective: Develop a WordPress website with booking functionalities for hotels, rooms, and cuisine, featuring a modern UI and responsive design.

Key Features:

  • Modern UI with simple, functional navigation
  • Detailed listings of rooms and services with easy scrolling
  • Online booking system with availability checks and date selection
  • Dedicated inter-linked pages for various services offered
  • User-friendly and responsive design for all devices
  • SEO-friendly to improve local search visibility
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways (PayPal, card payments, UPI, etc.)

Outcome: The website was successfully developed, meeting all client requirements. It offers a seamless booking experience, a visually appealing interface, and robust functionality, enhancing user engagement and operational efficiency for the hotel network.

ClientPearl Patson
Completed On17th May, 2022