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Profile & Expense Sheet Builder WordPress Plugin

A client in Hotel and Employees Management System had to build a Plugin which let's the Users (Employees) generate a detailed profile based on the specific segment of information they provide. Also, the registered employees can add expenses and generate expense report for their billing week/period. The plugin was successfully developed as per the functionalities and requirements shared by the client. The profile builder was designed considering the design layout of the client's website. Multiple information segments were divided into multiple steps so that it is easier for the end user to provide details for the specific segment in a detailed manner and at their own will of time. The expense report page has the daywise section where-in the user can input their expenses for any particular item and it auto calculates totals, grand totals for daywise and overall. Once the user submits, it auto generates the Invoice PDF, Expense Sheet in Excel and mails it to the Client, Consultant and the Admin of the Website. Profile Builder


ClientWillie Jenkins
Completed On25th Nov, 2022

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